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‘Killing Yourself Painlessly- Is There Such a WAY?’

If asked this question, what would you say?
Because no one has ever lived to tell how it felt to DIE, we have no reference point from which to answer, except from those who supposedly, saw the light but turned back.
Was it painless? Did it Hurt?
If my 17 year old grandson asked ‘Is there such a way for Killing Yourself Painlessly?’ I would try my damn hardest not to Panic, thank all those years of relationship nurturing but still stumble over what to say in reply.

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But what if it was Me?
So I asked myself the question: ‘Is there such a way for Killing Yourself Painlessly?’
Could I (if I decided to) find a painless way to end the Life of someone I loved who was suffering and requested this information of me?
This was my Article mission for today.

DEATH must Hurt.

It must. Whatever method, must create a measure of PAIN because you could not pull it off 100% perfectly to eliminate 100% of the Pain Factor.
For example:
1. Use a gun and blow my brains out.
Surely, if I get this wrong, I would survive with a disfigured head to say the least. And surviving it accidentally, would leave me with emotional, mental, physical challenges and regret.

2. Drowning myself.
That means filling my airways with water and forcing the air out.
Pain must accompany that, surely.
I choke and splutter if I swallow a sip of cordial down the wrong ‘pipe’ and that causes, eye- watering, gasping and coughing fits that are not only undignified but can cause pain.
Surely, my lungs filling with water until I die, would hurt.

3. Jumping off a tall building or jumping in front of a train.
I would need to get this bang on to work painlessly.
Land on my legs or back or anything except my head, will hurt BADLY.
Get it wrong and it could be extremely painful, even if eventually Death did come along in a minute. It would be one minute of Pure Pain.

Those are just three (3) ways of killing myself Painfully.
So the Question of LESS pain, remains.
Is it possible to die with LESS Pain?

Advocates of euthanasia say it is and there are cases of some who have chosen the less painful path of assisted suicide with a concoction of drugs. In some of the cases, these people had suffered irreversible damage or illness and had no hope of returning to normal life.

Was Death painless?
There may have been no visible signs of painful discomfort but how their brain and the body responded to the effects of the ‘Suicide drugs’ they chose to use is unknown (as there is no living person to accurately recount the experience), except to admit that they did die.

Pain MUST Remain.

Putting aside the conscious decision one person may make to end their own life, there remains the Pain that must be carried by the Living.
It may be that they agreed and chose to support their loved ones wishes but it would never be an easy decision to live with, I believe.
Putting the bullet in the gun is not the same as pulling the trigger but an action was carried out to facilitate another action and in so doing, there remains a measure of culpability.
Regardless of the law, opinions, ideals and beliefs of others, one’s own conscience would bear the load.
Losing a loved one to accident or misadventure would carry a tremendous amount of pain initially but it would subside some, with Time and Life working to blunt the sharp edges of Grief but I imagine, it would be different for someone who chooses to actively support suicide.
I would imagine the ‘Would’ve…Should’ve…Could’ve’ questions would forever haunt them and although their loved ones Death ultimately may have ended their suffering, the Painfulness of Never knowing ‘what may have happened if…’ would never leave them, to some degree.

In Conclusion.

Killing Yourself Painlessly is NOT possible, I believe.
Perhaps from the Physical perspective, a concoction of drugs is less painful then jumping off a 20 storey building and landing on your feet first but the emotional turmoil of choosing to leave behind those you love, without the opportunity to ever see, hold, love them again, would cause some greater Pain.

It is not my intention to express or support any side of the issue regarding the rights and wrongs of assisted suicide but I raise the discussion only to bring the subject to light and to put forth the premise that Killing Yourself is Never going to be Painless.

Are you having suicidal thoughts and need someone to talk to?

RED Stop Light at Pedestrian crossing
  • Call Lifeline on 13 11 14
  • Talk to someone like:
    • a GP, counsellor, psychologist or psychiatrist
    • family or friends
    • a school, university or TAFE counsellor
    • a teacher or coach
    • a work colleague
    • a church minister or religious leader

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4 thoughts on “‘Killing Yourself Painlessly- Is There Such a WAY?’

  1. I think that there is such a way as doing it painlessly but I find that this would be out of boredom. Do you like when you have a relationship that is nurturing and do you think that it can get better when you are in one? I have not heard of anyone who used euthanasia so I can’t relate to this article much but this is a nice read for those who are thinking about it.

    1. Bore yourself to Death?! hahaha….Or someone else could do it for you! Yes Jon, I agree: every good relationship should be enough (if treated and nurtured right) to hold someone back but there are many buts in the whole question. And like you, my experience with someone euthanising themselves is ZERO but I raised the topic after watching a Documentary on someone’s Personal Journey.  Thanks for your thoughts.

  2. I do not and will not believe in suicide. I know that there are times in life when a person does feel like and thinks of giving up, For me that does not mean that he should go with the feeling. My thought is that I did not and cannot give myself life, neither should I seek to take it away. We may be sympathetic to the person in pain but only the life giver should have the right to remove life from anyone. As for the painlessness, I am convinced that there will always be an element of pain.

    1. I agree Russell, we remain a vessel created and as such, we are owned by JAH. However, some are burdened beyond reason and seek to relieve that pain. My thought was that regardless of the reasons why or the spiritual aspect, it must hurt. Yes, even an element of pain for the Doer but a Lifetime of Pain for anyone who loved them.
      There was a ‘game’ going around the world a few years back where School kids would DARE one another to Suicide! And some did. What is this world we live in?? I don’t recognise it anymore.

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