A Leg in a cast with a pair of crutches in support


Six Tips- Free Addiction Help. These are tips I have used to Keep myself Clean for the best part of 30 years. I say ‘Best part of’ because it was not without its’ failures in the first year especially but after that, it got easier.
I hope it will be of use.

Leaning on a Crutch is a necessary part of recovery when you break a leg.
It makes things that little bit easier although the injury, for the most part, is still visible to anyone looking.
It can be a waste of time to pine over what has been lost, what could have been.
You may always have a limp. Your leg may feel bad on cold mornings. You will probably never run like you used to.

But over Time, you will adapt and turn your mind to new adventures and challenges while keeping a wary eye on ensuring your leg is never subjected to the pressure or circumstances that caused the break in the first place.
That’s Life.

Giving up Drugs is Not easy. The brain wiring and circuitry has been affected, it’s like someone has rewired the toilet light to go OFF when the TV remote is pressed to change channels.
It can be frustrating.
Downright annoying, to tell the truth. Things don’t work right and so restoring things to a near version of How It Should Be is always going to be a challenge because it involves some serious effort and sacrifice.

Accept that. Know what that might involve but don’t let it stop you from moving forward because it is only in the moving forward that you will really succeed.



If you’re around people doing it, get around those who are NOT.
Some of us crave that Destructive Fix, that ‘Go Hard or Go Home!’ buzz that can easily tip us over the edge and into the abyss.
Just STOP for one minute.
Picture yourself in the morning, in 2 years of mornings, 2920 mornings later IF you make this your LIFE.
What will you be? Where will you be?
Friends and brothers have been lost. Family have died, never to be seen again.
Where were you?

We become like those we hang out with.
And on the outside, they may be fun and they may do exciting things and Life might be a Parade for them.
But without doubt, it will end in a dark place.
So, mix with people who have healthy pursuits and clean living. They may be hard to find but diamonds and gold don’t sit on top of the ground; you need to dig for it, dig deep and search hard.

So it is with finding good people.

Shit sits on top. It sits in a pile, waiting for you to blindly step in and then, it stinks your shoes out. Even when you try to wash it away, it’s still there, still in the tread and in the grooves, stained into the material. Stay away from situations and people who may stumble you, especially when you may be vulnerable. Their Shit will stick.
It will cost you more than a new pair of Nikes’.

On a stony road among the stones, sits A PILE OF DOG SHIT
Watch your Step! If you’re not careful, you will soon find out- The Hard Way!

Want to Quit…?

2) Write TWO LISTS.

Sounds easy, right?
Believe me, it isn’t. Not if you are Honest with yourself.
Start with Listing the BAD THINGS.
How Bad you feel physically, in your body; What thoughts occupy your mind- the anxieties, fears and the loss; What do your family and friends think about you? Behind their eyes, what do you see? What have you lost since you began using; where will you be in 6 months/ 18 months/ 5 years if you continue…and so on.

Then, a LIST of GOOD.
Begin with the FUTURE phrase ‘When I get rid of Drugs, I will……..’
And then, List all the Positives that will come your way.
Physical. Mental. Financial. Spiritual.
All the ‘…als’ you can think of, write them all down, even the ones that may sound stupid; write it all.
Keep it Positive.

3) Use the BAD List to remind yourself of the WHY you want to change.

Stick it somewhere Right- In- Front- Of- your- FACE, somewhere you can remind yourself of the person you want to walk away from. In fact, write up on 10 different cards and put them everywhere!
You get the idea?

4) Using the GOOD List, make (1) a GOALS List and (2) a DREAM card.

Write a specific LIST of things you will Achieve in a Set Period of Time.
For example..
“By the 6th of June 2020, I will have visited my drug Counsellor twice weekly, every week..
I will have finished the 12 week challenge at the gym…
I will have joined the local chess club…”

Write a couple of sentences on a Card.
It should paint a picture of where you will be in the Medium (say, 2 years) future.
For example…
“By the 6th of June 2022, I will be in a stable relationship. With my Drug Counsellor.
I will have saved $15K. I will be healthy and fit.
I am the Grandmaster at my local chess club”.

This card is posted near your bed. You only have ONE of these; no copies, no photos.
Then, you will form an attachment with it, hopefully an emotional bond that makes happy whenever you read it.
10 times before you go to sleep and 10 times after waking up, you read it aloud.
Ten Times. Aloud.
Soon enough, you will know it off by heart. That’s good. Say it when you’re brushing your teeth, when you’re going to work. When you’re on the toilet BUT every morning, every night… READ it.
Change it only when everyone of them is attained.
Then, write a NEW Dream Card.

Can you see how these two tools will help you?
You will not always have the positive people you need, 24/7.
You will not feel in control 24/7.
When things get dark, in that moment, it might be these little things that keep you from falling, just long enough to reach out and grasp something firm, something that will support your full weight.
Like a crutch that steadies you when you feel off balance, just long enough to find your feet.
Then, with a breath, you can move forward again.
You avoided the fall. Avoided damage.

A Sledgehammer smashes a wall


Break them. Don’t push them to the side or Kick them under the Bed; Break them.
Remove those Septic ‘old friend’ contacts from your contact lists.
Add new ones in, name them and answer only calls that have a Name you recognise as ‘Healthy Not Septic’.

Stay away from places you used to go to. Find New places to frequent. Grow new Memories.
Picture Dragons and Demons hanging around those old places and Stay The Hell Away.

Don’t stay indoors watching TV or playing games.
Get a job. Work around the house. Volunteer at the local charity or animal shelter. Join the gym.   Get out and occupy your mind with new stimuli. When the sun goes down, aim to be tired out!

Get 8 hours sleep. Make a time for bed and a time to get up and stick to it.

Shower when you get up and again, before bed. Make it a ritual.
Change into fresh, clean clothes daily. Wash your clothes and linen regularly.
Don’t shirk away from this menial task. It’s important YOU do it, not your friend, partner or MUM.
These are healthy and necessary things that establish routine and eventually replace the old habits that may be associated with the things you wish to change.

Plus you will smell nice!


We mentioned the Chess Club. Chances are, the support of those who have walked your Walk hanging out at the local Chess Club, are slim to none.
Which is good. They will offer other means of support, association and challenges that can strengthen your resolve.
But you may need the support of those who are going through the battle, those who are still battling and those professionals who offer real support and have understanding and empathy.

Be Careful, though.
Some may be pretenders with ulterior motives for being there.
That will be dangerous.
Some may have fallen off the wagon and see you as a shining example of success and want to lean heavily upon you so they can feed off your positivity and get back on their right road.
Or they may be warped in their thinking and look to derail your efforts. It happens.
A sharp knife does sharpen a blunt knife but in doing so, loses its’ own edge.
By getting closer to such ones, you may open yourself up to damage and undermine the foundations you carefully built.
Sometimes it pays to remember what it felt like to feel nothing for others and use that to keep your distance from emotional connections that could sabotage your effort.
Be cautious.
Think of the consequences of just one wrong decision.

Boy standing in corner for punishment
Naughty boy suffers the CONSEQUENCES


While these are some of the strategies I have used to overcome addiction, they are not the only things that work.
I am not a professional Drug and Addictions Counsellor. I am a reformed addict, with only my own life experience to draw upon.

These Articles are Intended to be Interesting and motivating but in no way, are they intended to be seen as a professional opinion.
Please use your Discretion and seek Professional Help.

For more information on How to Overcome Addiction and Live a Healthy Lifestyle, visit this website.
This is a sobering testimonial, complete with openness and techniques that will be of real use to those wishing to overcome Drug Addiction and Live a Healthy life.

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16 thoughts on “FREE ADDICTION HELP

  1. Thanks for such an amazing Articles. To free oneself from Addiction isn’t an easy process. I’d rather take the first step to prevent it not to happen at all. This is what I did long ago as a youth: staying away from smokers, it was not easy then but it did works and that really saved me lots of money, health troubles and re-defined my Contacts. I have a friend who is currently battling with a Addiction, I will book mark this site for him. This might be his long seeking solution. Regards

    1. Yes, we become like those we associate with, someone told me. And for every person who has issues, winning begins with the mental game first. Lose that and it is all lost. Your friend will do well with you as a role model, given your sense of care for him. After knowing he has friends like you and a support system to rely upon, the big battle is always with the WHY question. Get him to ask WHY should I stay enslaved? WHY would I allow this addiction to have MASTERY over me? and such questions. Having knowledge is useless when there is no desire to apply it.
      Thanks for your comment.

  2. Hi Hori,

    I can certainly relate to the steps you have outlined, if you choose to get out of an addiction. I am a recovering alcoholic, celebrating 15 years.

    Do not start, I never knew at the time how alcohol would take over my life. Having a list/journal was part of my recovery process. I did join AA and was helped, while helping others after I had got stronger. 

    Addiction is a huge issue, and what you have done through your listing the steps, changing habits and being around the right people, I find to be so essential in the steps to recovery. I also believe it is hard to do it alone and joining a peer group is essential.

    Great website and great message.

    Thank you,

    Best wishes,


    1. Good going Michael, 15 years and still going. I think Alcohol is truly addictive and with the support it receives across media channels, big business, letterbox drops and the customs we associate it with, you have done so well. Keep at it. 

    2. Thanks Michael, I appreciate your candid comments. Having a journal is such a good tool, some way to measure every day. I can imagine on the down days when it’s rougher than usual, that journal would serve as a means of reinforcement because when you looked back on the days you succeeded boldly and wrote yourself words of encouragement, that gave you the lift, right when you needed it. Thanks again.

  3. It’s great that you are offering an article to help others with drug addiction. I think it is particularly powerful coming from someone who has been there. It’s just terrible the amount of people addicted to drugs at the moment (it’s rife).  It has such devastating affects on them and their families. Good on you.  I also like that you have articles about vitamins and immune system boosters etc.  An wholistic approach to health is really important. 

    1. Thank you. Addiction to drugs is horrific in our region, with the mayhem it causes being broadcast on TV or the radio on a daily basis. And while we cannot control what goes on ‘Out there’ I agree, an wholistic approach to health by even a small percentage of todays’ population would be one way of addressing it. We have recently changed our dietary habits to eating less meat (maybe one meat meal a month). Besides the physical health benefits, we seem calmer. It reminds of an article I read where they fed Lions in the Zoo straw during WW2, as meat was unavailable. The Lions became calmer and less aggressive. 

    2. Addictions are all devastating, whether it’s alcohol, illicit substances, sex or work. While drug addiction definitely does hog the limelight, the others cause problems that result in relationship breakdowns and self-destruction. Thank you for your comment and I agree, the wholistic approach is all encompassing and carries much more weight.

  4. Dealing with addiction is one of the worst things a person can go through. I have never been addicted to anything but I do have a father who is, indeed, addicted to drugs. I have been living with him for the last 2 years and it has been a struggle having to deal with his addiction on an every day basis. Addiction not only affects the people with the addiction but also their family members. I will try to have him read this and see what we can do. 

    1. Addiction is a real burden, especially for family who must live with it constantly. And you must try. Try to get him to understand his brain has been hijacked and although he wants to straighten up, his brain won’t allow him to. His fight is with himself first. It’s a hard fight (speaking from experience) but many have overcome. Check out Ashley and her story. Stay strong Stephanie.

  5. It’s great that you are offering an article to help others with drug addiction. I think it is particularly powerful coming from someone who has been there. It’s just terrible the amount of people addicted to drugs at the moment.Addictions are all devastating, whether it’s alcohol, illicit substances, sex or work. While drug addiction definitely does hog the limelight, the others cause problems that result in relationship breakdowns and self-destruction. Thank you for your comment and I agree, the holistic approach is all encompassing and carries much more weight.

    1. We are weak, that is so. Easily addicted and quickly taken captive, we then spend the rest of the time in self-pity.
      But it is beatable. Thanks for your comment.

  6. I have a sister-in-law that is going through rehab now for drug addiction I think I am going to share this post and list with her. The road to recovery is so long and everything that can matter is helpful. I firmly believe you have to get away from the people that encourage addiction so you first point is valid and very important. I think getting the lists create the reasons to continue on the road of recovery. 

    1. I agree, getting away from old friends and druggie mates is paramount. Without this one step, the likelihood of failure is heightened. But it’s made harder when others try to ‘Fix’ you or tell you what you need to Do or give you the look of Judgment with a withering gaze. If they feel welcome in your company, accepted by you, they will stay but if they feel the opposite, they will go. Everyone needs acceptance, even if it’s from those most like ourselves. 

  7. Hey, I am 30 years old now and following almost all things. Very useful for everyone to remove their bad habits. I recently done and hope everyone will stick it somewhere Right- In- Front- Of- your- FACE, somewhere you can remind yourself of the person you want to walk away from. In fact, write up on 10 different cards and put them everywhere. It will 100% remove our bad habbits.

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