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6 Tips to Combat COVID-19

With the World going in to Lockdown and necessary supplies selling out faster than they can be stacked on the shelf, combating COVID-19 may require some D.I.Y tactics.

Here’s Six things that are easy to implement and will definitely help.


  • Isopropyl Alcohol (about 600 ml);
  • Aloe Vera Gel (150- 200 ml);
  • Essential oil (10 drops).
    Mix it all together in a clean squirty bottle, shake it up, put the lid on it and store it overnight in the fridge.

So the question arises ‘Where do I get the ingredients from?’
Well, the Aloe Vera Gel is not so easy, with Hoarders buying up everything. Try a supermarket, chemist or Health store.

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The essential oil? Same place.
What about the isopropyl alcohol?

As technical as it sounds, ‘isopropyl’ means it’s not to be consumed/ eaten but is for topical (spread on your skin) use only.
Despite the scam artists out there trying to sell ONE Litre of it for $500, you can use paint thinners (which is alcohol, Not to be Consumed), available at any automotive paint store or parts store for about $5 a litre.

Mix it all together, put it in the fridge overnight and it will be good to go.

the official LINE is “Washing your hands with Soap and hot water while whistling ‘Happy Birthday’ is the FIRST Line of Defence”.
Sounds a lot easier than shopping around and rubbing shoulders with potential carriers of the COVID-19, mixing the ingredients all up and waiting 12 hours while it freezes the bugs dead and then, using it.

Singing “Happy Birthday To Me……” in my own bathroom with nothing more than soap and hot water seems less strenuous, more convenient and a lot more affordable.
What do you think?

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While you may be limited by law and by circumstance in your ability to meet face to face with friends and acquaintances, find a way to interact socially.

Join an online group; telephone friends and family regularly; write letters.
Intimate social connection is proven to help improve mood and to help individuals cope with stress.
In a study, loneliness was shown to independently weaken the body’s immune response.

While Media connections like Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter and Instagram have been shown to provide healthy social interaction, those who sought connections through gaming, suffered loneliness and social awkwardness.

Improved Mood and Connection to Social groups strengthen our defences’ immunity system.
So it makes sense to find a new group or keep in contact with those you are part of, online. And if no group exists, make one.


Psychoneuroimmunology- a branch of medicine that deals with the influence of emotional states (such as stress) and nervous system activities on immune function especially in relation to the onset and progression of disease.

Psychologists in this field have shown state of mind affects state of health. A group of psychologists found out that student immunity went down every year under the simple stress of exams. They had fewer natural killer cells to fight tumors and viral infections.

Man stands alone on a lakeside

Find ways to manage stress. Meditation, Yoga, Spiritual awareness, Hug a pet, read a book regularly, grow a garden, walk the beach, get more sleep, do macramé, start a project, learn to dance, learn a language….
DO something you enjoy that does not require you to extend yourself outside of your limits.

This simple exercise will invigorate your immune system and bolster its’ defence system against viral infection and disease.

Of course, when we have bills to pay and no job, or reduced work and mounting bills, it is easy to stress.
Be proactive.
Ring everyone who needs to be paid and explain the situation.
Everyone understands the situation but they need to know you are not ignoring them. The times demand understanding and compromise, so be straight forward and honest.
The government is easing access to assistance, so apply for everything you are able to and then, prepare yourself a budget.
Live within your budget.
Making such practical steps will eliminate the stress and anxiety that can easily arise from doing nothing except feeding the fear with imaginings.


T Cells protect our system from killer cells.
Without enough T Cells, our system is weakened and can be easily overcome by viral infection. Low levels of blue light from the sun makes these T Cells grow faster.

And Vitamin D, which is triggered by UV light from the sun, modulates certain immune functions that fight infection.

So enjoy the sun safely.
Take the time to wear light clothing and enjoy the sun as much as possible, without harming your skin from over-exposure.
It’s an easy way to build our immunity defence systems’ strength in order to battle any attack.


Your Defence system needs all the help it can get.
Natural, anti- microbial supplements like Garlic and Oregano will build up your immunities.
But you need to act NOW.
Natural Supplements need a little time to work in to the system in order to effect change, so the sooner you can start, the better.

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Woman wakes up and stretches before getting up

As simple as it sounds, it really isn’t.
Consider this:
IL-2, IL-6, IL-10 and IL-12
Now, if you ‘Google’ this, you will find medical and biological words, letters and numbers that will make your eyes water if you stare at them for longer than 7 seconds.

But in EasySpeak, it is simple.
When you first drop off to sleep, (1) you enter Slow Wave Sleep (SWS).
During this critical period, your sleeping body (2) produces Growth Hormone, melatonin and Cortisol.
This process relates to (3) the secretion of IL-2, IL-6, IL-10 and IL-12, which is what fuels your defence system.

Natural Killer cells, L Activated Killer cells and T Cells are activated to battle infection and strengthen your immunity, during this critical time.
If you miss out on a decent period of SWS regularly, your defence system is compromised. Your system lacks the Killer cells to kill the infections and the viruses and the bugs.
You get sicker.

Now, here’s the skinny.
Going to sleep, is not enough.
If you Drop Dead Sleep after watching movies, playing on your device, partying until your body forces you to shutdown, you will skip the vital SWS step.
Result? A compromised and weakened immunity system, with PunyWeak cells instead of Natural Killers.
You will pay the price.

  • Aim to get to bed early and sleep a full 8 hours.
    Falling into the habit of thinking ‘I do fine with five hours‘ is deceiving yourself.
    Your body does NOT do fine; you have just adjusted things to deprive your body. A price will be paid,
  • Our Circadian rhythm is set to start building Killer cells at around 9pm.
  • Don’t ‘worship’ your devices or the TV at this time.
  • Nod off to some ‘Go to Sleep’ music… or read a boring book.
  • Count sheep.
    Remember, the idea is to re-regulate the body’s circadian rhythm and get the SWS you need regularly, to build your Army of Killer cells.
  • Without Slow Wave Sleep, you are a lamb to the slaughter.
One tired and red eye


Of course, social distancing and staying at home, not gathering in large groups or socialising like we used to do, are part of the COVID-19 landscape.
Social isolation can create its’ own problems but by taking the opportunity to implement these 6 tips, we can maintain optimal health as well and manage our stress effectively.

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