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When Sun Tzu opined the line — ‘Attack is the secret of defense; defense is the planning of an attack’ he was thinking in terms of physical warfare and conquering an opposing army.
Even so, it applies to our general well- being when considering the natural defense system most of us have.

Our List of the 10 Best Immunity Boosters are available (follow each of the LINKS) but remember, we have linked directly to products we consider genuinely appropriate, available online with fast shipping and at a reasonable cost.
Price wise, there may be other less expensive items but we are concerned to present the BEST quality/ most effective product for your consideration.


Echinacea is believed to work best when taken at the first sign of a cold. Although echinacea may not prevent a cold, this product might make the symptoms less severe.
If it is to be used for drops on the skin (topical) don’t use it as an oral medicine. And don’t use different forms of it (tea, liquid, topical etc) all at once. You can overdose on Echinacea, with a range of reactions possible.

2. VITAMIN D3 and D2

Essential as SUNSHINE (literally) to your overall health, your general wellbeing is dependant on D3, although recently, scientists have begun to believe D2 is just as effective.
It’s not really a Vitamin but a pro hormone as its’ beneficial effects are caused by the sunlight on your skin that produces D3 so you can absorb phosphorous and maintain normal levels of calcium.

Two large trees in the foreground in a field as the sun rises in the morning and the sunlight filters through the branches.
  • It keeps your bones (and teeth) strong and healthy.
  • Protects against cancer, type1 Diabetes and multiple sclerosis.
  • Manages Diabetes 2 and keeps insulin levels healthy.
  • Protects the brain and nerves.
  • Protects your breathing and blood systems.


High in Vitamin C, Fibre and rich in anti- oxidants and anti- inflammatory properties, the use of Elderberry goes way back.
It has been shown to reduce the severity and the length of influenza.
It may reduce the level of fat in the blood and decrease cholesterol.
It increases insulin secretion and improves blood sugar levels, important for those with Diabetes.

4. N-Acetyl L-Cysteine (NAC)

NAC is important for our health as it it is the supplementation of the ‘basic building block’ of glutathione (the BEST antioxidant).

  • it is important for the function of our lungs, brain and liver detoxification.
  • also valued for its ability help with pulmonary and respiratory problems caused by mucus build up in the lungs.
  • It is also involved in regulating glutamate levels and the central nervous system.
  • It supports proper lung and brain function.


‘We are what We Eat’.
That saying stands true because everything that passes our lips, has an effect upon our overall health for good or for bad.
Probiotics (Fermented foods, alive with bacteria) are necessary to maintain a healthy gut environment.
Sauerkraut, Kimchi and such fermented foods that are made without vinegar should be a necessary part of every diet.
Probiotics also come in supplement form.

Jars of fermented pickles on the shelf


Study researcher Mark Moyad (MD, MPH) of the University of Michigan says “Vitamin C has received a great deal of attention, and with good reason. Higher blood levels of vitamin C may be the ideal nutrition marker for overall health….The more we study vitamin C, the better our understanding of how diverse it is in protecting our health, from cardiovascular, cancer, stroke, eye health…. immunity for living longer.”
We need 500mg of Vitamin C daily but most adults consume around 70- 90 mg in their fruit and vegetables, not nearly enough.

If you are deficient in ZINC, the consequences include stunted growth, acute diarrohea in children, slow wound healing, and Wilson’s disease.

Zinc is used for treating the common cold, the flu, ear infections, respiratory infection, bladder infections, ringing in the ears, malaria and other dieseases caused by parasites, like tapeworms.
It is an important mineral often overlooked and must be consumed through the consumption of red meat, poultry and fish.


  • Used for various types of “stomach problems” …
  • including gas and diarrohea,
  • Nausea (caused by cancer treatments, post surgical),
  • colic
  • (IBS) Irritable Bowel Syndrome,
  • loss of appetite,
  • Pain relief.


Ginseng root tea

An effective alternative medicine used for years to lower blood sugar and for respiratory infections, Ginseng is well known.

Some have made claims that it helps with ADHD, breast cancer, cancer related tiredness, insomnia, digestive problems, menopause and other conditions.

9. VITAMIN B6 and B12

Vitamin B6 makes sure the brain, skin, nerves and other body parts grow and function properly and also ensures the proper processing of sugars, fats and protein.
It is found in cereals, beans, eggs, organ meat and vegetables.
It is also made as a vitamin B6 supplement.

Vitamin B12 is taken for a multitude of issues from memory loss, clogged arteries to

  • slow aging.
  • to boost mood, energy, concentration, mental function.
  • male infertility,
  • for decreasing the risk of re-clogging arteries after surgery,
  • diabetes,
  • asthma,
  • skin infections and diseases….
  • for respiratory tract infections,
  • maintaining fertility,
  • preventing stroke,
  • to prevent many types of cancer,
    and much more.


Around the Mediterranean region, Oregano has been used for centuries, to treat many ailments, including:

  • skins sores
  • aching muscles
  • asthma
  • cramping
  • diarrohea
  • flu
  • colds
  • to boost overall health
  • fight bacteria
  • relieve inflammation
  • regulate blood sugar and lipids
  • fight cancer


‘Defense is the Planning of an ATTACK’
Sun Tzu

A sick elderly woman in bed
The Battle Within…

The BEST way to overcome a threatening force is, according to Sun Tzu, to PLAN YOUR ATTACK.
And so it is with our long- term healthcare.
Boosting your body and its’ ability to fight against an invading army that has the capacity to overwhelm and destroy you must begin with preparing the attack systems, so every systems of your Biological ‘Fighting Force’ has the arsenal, strength and resources required.
Any weakness in these systems only allows an entry point for invasion that could lead to a collapse of the entirety.


  • Talk to a licensed healthcare professional before using any herbal and/ or health supplement. It is important to make sure all your healthcare providers know about all of your medical conditions and treatments.
  • Keep all healthcare products, including herbal and health supplements away from children.
  • Use the medication in the way and for the purpose prescribed.
  • Every person will have different needs and reactions (if any) to all medications. Talk to your GP to find what is best for you.

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  1. Hi, thank you for this informative and helpful post on the best immune system boosters.
    I am an athlete and I can confirm some of these immune system boosters you share here.
    I love eating fruit as they contain vitamin C but exchanged with my doctor he recommended me some vitamin supplements I sometimes buy on Amazon.

    I am glad landing on your website because I got some new ideas that can help me boost my health.
    Thank you a lot for sharing such valuable information with us.

    1. Thank you for your comments. Even athletes are susceptible to Low immunity, probably more so as they demand more from their bodies than the usual. It is the right thing to confirm with your Doctor as they have all the tools to monitor your health and they know you.
      Thanks again.

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