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My name is Hori. I am from New Zealand and grew up in the rural North Island in the early 1960s’.

My family was poor, although I didn’t realise it at the time because we were happy, well-fed and curious minded.

Life was simple. And simple to understand. There were consequences for stupidity and an easier road for using your ‘Gumption’ as my old people called it. And while they (and so, we) worked hard and played hard, they were moderate in many things.

They ate simply. Worked with their hands and their backbone. Loved Life and Family fiercely. Slept long and well.

And they were honest in telling others straight, without beating around the bush or worrying about hurt feelings.

Growing up in that age, with those influences, shaped the way I acted and reacted to the changing of the world and my own place in it.

As my old people passed away and my own family grew to adulthood, I understood these influences better and came to see that they formed the anchor that held me firm as the winds of Time changed and the Sea of Life rose and fell, currents moving this way and that.

I have survived, so far.

My wife and I had grown a healthy family over the past 40 years, with few dents marring our (collective) mental health and the ropes binding our relationships have held firm, despite the pressures. That’s as good as it gets, as far as I can see.

Others of my generation and many of my 14 siblings have not fared so well.

Reckless behaviour. Drug abuse. Instant gratification. Divorce. Sexual abuse and family dysfunction. Cancer. Imprisonment. Violent Death.

All of these (and more) have taken their toll.

And although I had experienced some of it, I had come out the other side, okay.

A little dented but, okay.

In 2011, I decided to start off in a different direction and began a photo- journalism career, creating feature articles for mainstream paper media and magazines.

Having worked in the health sector as a manager of residential care units and as a Patient Advocate for a Non- Government Organisation, I held a passion for good health, having seen the consequences of bad lifestyle choices and the effects of mental and physical disability.

Since 2017, as my work became more passion- based and less driven by the need to provide for a growing family, I have built upon these foundations and pampered my interest in things healthful.

Currently, I work from home as a Digital Marketer, having a company that builds high visibility content for businesses.

But my passion is still in the ‘Healthy Life’ area and so, at 60 years of age and with contact sport a thing of the past, I content myself with my grandchildren, our family wellbeing and Health topics on the Internet which entertain, inform and puzzle me.

That is my Story.


I grew up in a tribal structure, where helping each other was a necessity.

The gardens we ploughed, cultivated and harvested our food crops from, were worked shoulder to shoulder with old people and babies. We gathered food from the sea and from the bush, in the same way.

Every woman was ‘Mum’ and every man ‘Father’ and so the obligation to adhere to protocol and communal responsibility was taught from the tit.
If you ventured off on you own, thinking you needed no one and no one needed you, a swift kick in the backside readjusted things quickly.

There were weaknesses in the system, agreed. But we are the product of our systems, however they are learned and the positive that wove itself into the fabric of my character is to always be willing to help, as you see the need.

Opening doors for mum’s with strollers; taking the shopping trolley back to the trolley bay for an elderly ‘Mum’ or ‘Father’, even if they do not know me; stopping to offer help to a stranded motorist…
I am the result of my upbringing.

And so it is with this passion of mine.

I see the need for education.
I know a little about Healthy Living.
I think it’s important to tell it.

I recall stopping to help a young man who had broken down in his Falcon. His car would not start.

I’m a Ford fanatic. I have been a mechanic since 1977 and I have owned several of the model he was now stranded in, on the busy Gold Coast Pacific Highway. I knew without a doubt, the solution to the problem.

So I decided to offer help. I figured that it would take all of 2 minutes for him to do this quick fix to a common Ford Auto gearbox and he would be on his merry way.

He saw an older guy in a late model Navara 4×4, dressed in business attire.

He made a summation quickly, informed me haughtily (in my opinion) that he would wait for his mate to come (who was still 2 hours plus away) and together they would figure it out.

‘That’s fine’ I said and got back into the Ute and waved goodbye in the mirror.

His car was there the next morning, with its shiny mag wheels all missing.

It’s important to offer what you know, if you see someone in need, right?
It’s up to them whether they accept or reject it.

I make no claim to be an expert. Albert Einstein said “Any man can Know; the point is to Understand”.

And that is my endeavour: to raise awareness and to create food for thought so those who seek understanding will follow the path that their search leads them to follow. One journey may be in the opposite direction to another, it may parallel, intersect, circum-navigate another but it remains their journey alone.

What you do with this information is yours to do. We all have the gift of free will and use it as we see fit.

The consequences or blessings that come from it are our only due.


As mentioned, it is to present common problems and solutions found on the Internet.

These may take the form of reviews of goods or services, together with pros and cons but always with informative and interesting content.

We want you to consider your Health. It is never too late to take care of it. There is no need to suffer through illness if there is something that could help. And sometimes, we can’t see the forest for the trees because it is too overwhelming to lift our eyes up and hope.

This content is designed to help people think ‘What If…..?’

This is my passionate hobby, not my income producing revenue stream (although I may make a small commission on some products if you choose to purchase them) so I will not always be online here. 

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