“Welcome HOME!”

young woman stands in front of the sea with her arms outstretched

We Love and Protect one Another fiercely and Do What needs to be Done to Ensure Our Safety.
When we are Sick, Hurt or in Danger, Someone will Be there, without hesitation to say ‘Welcome Home’ and help us back,
into the Circle of our Care.

Sometimes our ‘Family’ is made up of those not connected to us through Blood but through Shared experiences.

Family is Family.



How can I protect, if I am weak? How can I safeguard and provide safety for those I love and who Love me, if I am burdened with Disease and Illness?

Within my circumstances, I will do the best I can to be Available.
I will need a Plan.
I will need Willpower and Discipline.
I will Succeed.



The opportunity to Secure Good Health is Limited.
While there may be factors beyond our control however, there are always degrees of improvement available.
The real question is whether we take advantage of the opportunity.

If I am burdened by factors that may be within my control but I continually fail to make the change I need to, how can I give myself the mindset required to start?
It starts here.

See yourself in 8 weeks…. 12 weeks…. 6 months….24 months…. 7 years;
Ask “What will my Life Look Like then?”
Answer the question honestly.

The Life we often take for granted can be Lost in a Second.
In a Minute, we could lose our Mobility, our Independence.
Our Dignity.

What will You Do about it?



Some People mistakenly believe Material Wealth gives them Value.
They think such Value is what Determines Status and Prestige.
As a tool, it does ensure better living conditions and standards; It does create opportunities to have a multitude of experiences unavailable to those with less.
But it does not guarantee Life.

It does not guarantee Independence or Freedom or Mental Wellbeing.
It cannot buy Emotional Balance.
It cannot purchase true friendships or ensure healthy relationships.

A Healthy Lifestyle, within the limits of individual circumstance, can.
Like Material Wealth, it does ensure better living standards and also creates opportunities for experiences that those without it, cannot.
Unlike Material Wealth however, it is available to everyone.

The purpose of our website is to raise awareness of the availability of this, sometimes overlooked commodity.
A heart riddled with the diseases of over- indulgence, neglect and stressful abuse, no matter how many squillions of dollars it jealously hoards away, is poorer than the heart of a poor man who protects it from harm, as valiantly as he can.

Every person has in their possession, the ability to live a Healthy Lifestyle.
It does not require the regimented exercises or frugal and sometimes, unappealing food plans often cast in to the waves of the Internet Information Sea but it does require Self Discipline and Conditioning.
In that regard, we are all equal.

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